Books Worth Reading: Theology Proper

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Books Worth Reading: Theology Proper


The fourth post in the series of “Books Worth Reading” lists several great books on the Doctrine of God.  The Trinity is the foundational doctrine of the Christian faith.  Christians are the people of the Trinity.  So far this was the hardest list for me to create because there are so many books that are worthy of being on a list like this, but I had to be somewhat selective.  I am very interested to hear from you to see what books you think should be added to the list.



This list is intentionally short.  What would you add to the list?  What is missing? Go!

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  1. Great list, JT! I would also add:

    Rusch, William G. The Trinitarian Controversy. Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1980.

    This is a nice little introductory volume that provides excerpts of original sources to show the development of the concept of the Trinity in the patristic church (particularly with regard to the Arian controversy).

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