Series: Books Worth Reading: Theological Method

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Series: Books Worth Reading: Theological Method

The second post in the series, “Books Worth Reading,” relates to books on Theological Method.  This list could get long real quick.  So, I have started with a few foundational resources and am looking forward to hearing from you again with more suggestions.  Thanks to Corey, Nate, and Daniel for helpful suggestions on my first post, General Theological Works.

Still to come in the series: Bibliology, Theology Proper, Anthropology, Hamartiology, Christology, Pneumatology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology, and Church History.


This list is intentionally short.  What is missing?  What needs to be added?


  1. I would add David K. Clark’s To Know And Love God on here, as well as maybe Vern Poythress’ Symphonic Theology.

    If you’re looking non-traditional, I would add Metaphors We Live By, which has nothing to do with theological method directly, but gets into how we conceive of everything using metaphors, and so is useful for better understanding biblical metaphors

    • Have you read Clark or Poythress? I strongly considered adding both but I have not read either yet. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  2. Have you read Gentry and Wellum’s? I’m very anxious to hear some thoughts on this one. I guess I could wait until it’s released, but it seems like such an important book, I’m a little too impatient.

    Another book I’ve seen mentioned lately that may be appropriate for this list, though I haven’t read it, is Greg Nichols Covenant Theology: A Reformed and Baptistic Perspective on God’s Covenants. Know anything of this one?

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